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Hurricane Matthew

System - Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I just wanted to touch base regarding the upcoming storm approaching. Just to give you a heads up that even though Ocala is not currently in the direct path of Hurricane Matthew, flooding and damage is still likely. The storm could bring loss of power, roof leaks, etc. and, of course, there’s always the chance the storm could change course.

As such, I’m asking YOU for a few things:

1. Please secure the property (windows, doors, etc.) and all belongings whether they are yours or ours. For example, patio sets, grills, flags, chairs, etc., as we don’t want you to be responsible for damages or have to deal with living with contractors in your home!

Friendly Reminder: If you are bringing in plants, be sure you put them on large plastic bags to keep them from making stains on carpets or floors.

2. If you have window unit air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or anything else in the windows please remove it and secure the window. Heavy winds or rainfall could cause serious damage!

3. In the event of problems, please call or text me directly.

4. Patience is a virtue. I know that water, power, and HVAC are necessities. I want you to be happy and comfortable in your home. I will most definitely have any issues resolved as quickly as humanly possible. But, I already know my contractors will be extremely busy. So, expect delays, take precautions, and make preparations ahead of time PLEASE! I appreciate your understanding.

5. Flooding –many of our area floods. Please take precautions to park in higher areas! (Flood insurance is always a great idea. Friendly reminder — this is why we recommend renters’ insurance.)

I  recommend stocking up on batteries, flashlights or battery-operated lights and filling tubs and sinks with water, in addition to having a supply of bottled water for consumption should we lose power and/or water, which can happen in a major storm. Also make sure you you have extra provisions for a couple of days in case you are stuck in your neighborhood until the water resides.

6. GENERATORS — While I love the idea of you saving the day, please be mindful that generators can be very dangerous if not used properly. Some of the issues are using it in an area that isn’t properly ventilated as well as having it ruin the electrical system. As such, generators that are NOT permanently installed at the home by myself are NOT permitted to be connected to any system or appliance in the house without prior written consent. This would require myself to agree and you having an approved licensed electrician connect it.

7. Sand Bags — Please use sandbags in front of any lower area door (garage back door, etc.) to help prevent water from coming through the door. You can pick these up at MLK or Tuskawilla. 

8. Inspect Outside of the Property — If you would walk around your property. Sometimes the diverting hoses come detached from spouts or spouts just fall off. Gutters clear? Storm drains in street not clogged? By simply removing some dirt or hooking up anything that has come undone you can greatly reduce the potential damage.

9. Check any Tree — Any big branches look unsteady or dead? If you see any potential issues before or after the storm, I would appreciate it if you would send me pictures both for my records and so I can follow up with having it taking care of.

10. Don’t do a big shopping trip today to buy freezer or refrigerator items! Have plenty of water and non-perishables. We stockpile ice in freezers and have coolers ready.

Please be safe and know that we appreciate you and are praying that you stay safe and unharmed and without inconvenience!

Thank you for your time and assistance!

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